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Seductive College Girl Gets Hands-On with My Sweet Riya
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  • As I walked into my college dorm room, I couldn't believe my luck. There, sitting on my bed, was the most seductive college girl I had ever seen. Her name was Riya, and she had been my crush since the first day of class. I couldn't believe she was here, in my room, looking at me with those mesmerizing eyes. Without hesitation, she pulled me towards her and started kissing me passionately. Her hands were all over my body, exploring every inch of me. I couldn't resist her any longer and gave in to her seduction. As we undressed each other, I couldn't help but notice how perfect her body was. Her curves were in all the right places, and her skin was soft and smooth. I knew I was in for a wild ride. Riya wasted no time in getting down on her knees and taking me in her mouth. Her expert tongue and lips drove me crazy, and I couldn't hold back any longer. I pulled her up and laid her on the bed, ready to give her the pleasure she deserved. We fucked like there was no tomorrow, our bodies moving in perfect harmony. The sounds of our moans and the creaking of the bed filled the room as we reached our climax together. Afterwards, as we lay there, catching our breath, Riya whispered in my ear, That was amazing, but I have a surprise for you. She reached for her phone and showed me a video of her and her roommate Bharti having sex. My mind was blown, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Riya explained that they often made videos of their sexual escapades and shared them with each other. She then asked if I wanted to join in on their next video. I couldn't say no to such an offer. From that day on, I became a regular in their videos, and we had the most mind-blowing threesomes. I never thought my college experience would be this wild, but I was loving every minute of it. Thanks to Riya and Bharti, I had the best sex of my life, and I couldn't be more grateful.
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