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Filling Both Holes with Bananas
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  • Stepmom and son were home alone, and the tension between them was palpable. They had always had a close relationship, but lately, things had taken a more intimate turn. As they sat on the couch, watching a movie, the son couldn't help but notice how his stepmom's body had changed since he last saw her. She was curvier, more voluptuous, and he couldn't resist the urge to touch her. He leaned in and whispered in her ear, I want to fill both of your holes with bananas. His stepmom's eyes widened in surprise, but she couldn't deny the excitement that coursed through her body. She had always been adventurous in the bedroom, and this was a new level of kink that she was eager to explore. Without hesitation, she led him to the kitchen, where they grabbed a bunch of bananas and headed to the bedroom. As they undressed each other, their bodies were on fire with desire. The son couldn't wait any longer and pushed his stepmom onto the bed, spreading her legs wide open. He started by teasing her with the bananas, rubbing them against her wetness before slowly inserting them into her. She moaned in pleasure, her body arching with each thrust. But the son wasn't satisfied with just one hole, he wanted to fill both of them. He flipped her over and entered her from behind, while using the bananas to stimulate her other hole. The sensation was mind-blowing, and they both couldn't hold back any longer. They reached their peak together, big tits handjob screaming each other's names in ecstasy. As they lay there, panting and covered in sweat, they knew that this was just the beginning of their wild and taboo relationship. They couldn't wait to explore more kavvali and kooku sex together, pushing each other to new heights of pleasure.
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